Elementary School Teacher

For Roylynne, keeping her students safe and providing them with a terrific education are her top priorities. In her class, teaching children the basics of hygiene start with the air they breathe. That’s why her classroom is home to a Hathaspace air purifier.

Whether it’s making sure that the smells and dust of recess stay outside the classroom or safeguarding the air students and teachers alike breathe when class is in session, Hathaspace air purifiers are a way to clean air on campus.


"Hathaspace Air Purifiers put my mind at ease."

Roylynne - Elementary School Teacher

For Roylynne and her students, Hathaspace means a comfortable place to teach, learn and play.

Leveraging True HEPA air-filtration technology, Hathaspace provides the clean air for everyone, every time they step into the classroom. In individual classrooms or even across an entire school district, Hathaspace has solutions for clean air that can meet virtually any need.

Filter Subscriptions easily scale up for multiple units and bulk discounts can help reduce cost. Coupled with unparalleled ease of use, Hathaspace has a solution for any sized organization on any budget.

Filter Subscriptions

New filters delivered to your door, right when you need them.



Learn why Nicole chooses Hathaspace air purifiers to keep her customers and staff comfortable.

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Thanks to their Hathaspace air purifier, Derrick and Laurel know they are giving their family clean air free of allergens and other pollutants.

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