Co-Owner at Another Salon

For Nicole, an entrepreneur and small business owner, her work is so much more than a job. Her salon is where clients come to look and feel better as they take a step away from the outside world to take a moment for themselves. Nicole prides herself on providing a world class experience for every one of her clients—and that’s why she chooses Hathaspace air purifiers to keep her customers and her staff comfortable.

Whether your business is in customer service, sales or another field, it’s a competitive consumer market: details matter. By meeting your customer’s business needs and caring for their comfort, you have one less thing to worry about. And they have one more reason to choose your company.


"Keeping my staff and clients comfortable started with something easy, clean air."

Nicole - Co-Owner at Another Salon

For Nicole, her clients and her staff, Hathaspace means an environment that not only makes people look good but makes them feel good too.

Business owners know that reliability is a central tenet of success. Hathaspace air purifiers use True HEPA air filters to provide the cleanest air possible. With a Hathaspace Filter Subscription, you can rest assured that your filters will be delivered on a regular schedule and that your air purifiers will provide consistent, reliable air filtration for years to come.

Filter Subscriptions

New filters delivered to your door, right when you need them.



Thanks to their Hathaspace air purifier, Derrick and Laurel know they are giving their family clean air free of allergens and other pollutants.

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Teaching children about hygiene starts with the air they breathe. That’s why Roylynne's classroom is home to a Hathaspace air purifier.

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